Organisations need skilled, knowledgeable and effective people to succeed. At Gradin we are passionate about the development of professional competence and in the provision of efficient processes.

The implementation of best practice solutions need not be bureaucratic. We believe in taking established frameworks and applying them in the context of our client’s business. The Gradin Competence Framework has therefore been developed from accepted management theory (Nordhaug, Hamel & Prahalad) and is linked to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA framework). The Gradin Competence Framework describes three dimensions of professional competence in everyday terms that can be applied to roles at every level in the organisation from raw recruit to senior management. The dimensions are

  • Dealing with People
  • Equipped for the Job
  • Ready to Deliver

Taking the first of these dimensions as an example the framework describes competence in terms of effective communications and effective teamwork. It provides guidance on expected behaviour and practice at each level of experience / knowledge from level 0 (raw recruit) to level 7 (industry leader). The Gradin Competence Framework is a complete set of descriptions (for staff), guidance notes (for managers and mentors), forms (e.g. for appraisals, personal development plans, etc) and tools that can be easily branded and adapted for use by any organisation.

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